Wetland Delineations – Part of the Planning Process

Part of Civil Solutions Group’s commitment to being the Leader in Sustainable Engineering and Planning is offering a full pallet of planning tools.  One such tool is wetland delineation consultation.  Civil Solutions Group has the necessary training and experience to complete wetland delineations for a variety of properties and situations.  Civil Solutions Group is listed as an approved Wetland Consultant with the Army Corps of Engineers.  Civil Solutions Group views wetland delineations as an opportunity to accurately define the boundaries of wetlands within a property to allow for proper planning of a given property.

The process of delineating a wetland and coordinating the effort with the Army Corps of Engineers does not have to be a painful process.  The Army Corps of Engineers has outlined a process to delineate wetlands, which requires that a site have three characteristics to determine the area as a wetland: hydrology, wetland plant types, and hydric soils.  These three criteria must be present to accurately determine if an area is a wetland.

Civil Solutions Group embraces the wetland delineation process as a necessary step in the proper planning of a property.  It is recommended that property owners contact a wetland consultant in the preliminary planning stages of a property to adequately address wetland issues.  It is also recommended that prospective buyers contact a wetland consultant prior to purchasing land to identify possible wetlands on the subject property.  As the Leader in Sustainable Engineering and Planning Civil Solutions Group is prepared to assist property owners with all their wetland consulting needs.