Renewable Energy

I recently attended a “renewable energy” seminar, which discussed three particular renewable energy sources, wind, sun, and water. All three of these sources are completely renewable due to the fact that the sun is always providing sunlight, in certain areas the wind blows steadily, and where there is a good source of water it flows continually. All three of these sources will help decrease our individual carbon footprint, if we so choose to adopt the awesome power of these sources.

One of the renewable sources that is near and dear to my heart is hydroelectric energy from water. Typically the thought of hydroelectric power conjures up thoughts of Glen Canyon Dam or Hoover Dam with each dam’s awesome ability to produce power. But modern advances in technology along with creative design has created Micro Hydroelectric power generation systems.

Micro Hydroelectric power systems can use as little as 2 feet of head (the elevation difference from one location to another minus loss) and 450 gallons per minute (gpm) to produce electricity. Low head power generation systems are capable of producing up to 1 KW of power at 10 feet of head and 1,000 gpm. This power can be used with off-grid applications where the micro hydroelectric may be one of the only sources of power, or with grid connections where excess power may be “net metered” back into the system.

Many states and the federal government offer incentives to individuals and businesses that invest in renewable energy such as micro hydroelectric power. Information on your individual state can be found at There are multiple opportunities to invest and create your own renewable energy source. If you are interested in pursuing wind or micro hydroelectric power generation please contact Civil Solutions Group, Inc. at or 435.213.3762.