Civil Solutions Group has a full in house department of geotechnical engineers, field crews, and earth scientists. Our geotechnical division is focused on science based solutions based on in-situ testing, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis.

Civil Solutions Group is focused on being reliable, resourceful, and responsive to our clients and their associated geotechnical needs. From initial contact to final geotechnical investigation report delivery, our clients will be assigned a project engineer to manage each project. The particular project engineer will also be their main point of contact through the duration of the study. The project engineer will work with the client to establish scope, deliverables and a schedule for both the field investigation and the delivery of the final report.

Data and samples that are recovered from the field investigation will be analyzed using a laboratory testing schedule. An appropriate laboratory testing schedule will be established by the project engineer based on the information gleaned from the field investigation. Preliminary results can be made available before the final summary report is prepared if needed.

Civil Solutions Group utilizes a variety of industry standard means and methods for determining the engineering properties of the subsurface soils.

We have completed geotechnical engineering projects all over the state of Utah, including Salt Lake City, Provo, and Logan. Contact us today about your geotechnical needs.