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Construction of Micro Hydroelectric Project

During the past few months Civil Solutions Group has been administering the contract negotiations and completing the contract procurement process for the owner of the Micro Hydroelectric project located in Smithfield Canyon, Utah.  An earlier post on the Solutions Blog described the details of the 4 Kilowatt Micro Hydroelectric project that was designed by Civil Solutions Group.  During the last two weeks Birch Creek Landscape and Excavation has been completing the pipe and excavation portion of the project according to the direction of Civil Solutions Group.  This work includes roughly 500 feet of 24″ PVC PIP pipe, a concrete vault, valves, steel wyes, and a concrete diversion wall placed in the stream.  The concrete diversion wall was installed with a stainless steel diversion screen capable of diverting 4,000 gallons per minute through the micro hydroelectric system.  The following pictures illustrate the construction progress to this point:

Concrete Diversion and Stainless Steel Screen
Installation of Concrete Vault and 24″ PVC Pipe
Installation of 24″ Pipe