Civil Solutions Group civil engineering firm

Collin Fawcett, PE

Civil Engineering is fun! I have grown a great appreciation for all things infrastructure related. You cannot go anywhere, utilize any service or experience our creature comforts without relying on our civilizations infrastructure. There are so many facets to the Civil Engineering world, I enjoy them all.

I have been involved in civil design, project management and construction oversight for over 15 years. I started on a survey crew, spent several years in Las Vegas evaluating and designing storm drain facilities along with large scope developments, gained a wonderful appreciation for rural infrastructure improvements while working in central and eastern Utah. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to rub shoulders with other excellent engineers and the contractors who put shovel to the dirt and translate our designs from paper to the real world.

I love to solve problems and understand how things work. For me, a project is an opportunity to make the world a better place to live and enjoy.

Things I like to do outside of this “place”!

  • Watching my kids play sports
  • Playing card games
  • Spending time outdoors