Case Studies

Maple View Estates Conservation Subdivision
Nibley, Utah |2010-2011

Civil Solutions Group  was commissioned to complete full service engineering and planning services for a 78 lot residential conservation subdivision located in Nibley, Utah.  The approval of the preliminary plat and phase 1 of Maple View Subdivision represents the first conservation subdivision in Nibley City.  The significance of the the conservation subdivision is the ability to provide the residents of Nibley with much desired open space areas while allowing the developer to cluster lots.  The total project land area is 35.19 acres of which 6.45 acres or 25.2% of the project was provided as open space.

The services offered by Civil Solutions Group to complete the entitlements were site planning, geotechnical investigation, wetland analysis and delineation, topographical surveying, concept and preliminary plat preparation, project coordination, construction document preparation, and bid document preparation.

One unique feature of the conservation subdivision is the need for a conservation maintenance plan to specifically designate how the open space areas are to be utilized and planned.  Civil Solutions Group created this document in conjunction with the owner to provide a document that will protect the open space areas in perpetuity.

Uintah County Golden Age Senior Center Civil Design and Planning
Uintah County, Utah |2010

Civil Solutions Group was commissioned to complete the site planning and civil design for the Uintah County Golden Age Senior Center.  The senior center serves the needs of the citizens throughout Uintah County, specifically providing meals, entertainment, exercise and other vital needs for the aged public of that area.

The civil design posed significant challenges due to high groundwater, wetlands surrounding the project and limited areas to dispose of storm water runoff.  Civil Solutions Group utilized low-impact development techniques to reduce the amount of runoff.  The design included swales instead of pipes and storm drain boxes allowing the storm water runoff to infiltrate into the groundwater and filter out the impurities.  The storm water was collected into two rain gardens.  The rain gardens were designed with specific long-root native grasses that have the ability to act as a bio filter for the runoff and utilize the excess water.

The combined efforts of the above techniques helped to slow the runoff, infiltrate more runoff and clean the storm water prior to discharge to the adjacent wetlands.

Smithfield Canyon Micro Hydroelectric Project – 4KW Generation Facility
Smithfield, Utah |2009-2010

Civil Solutions Group was commissioned by a private land owner to complete a feasibility study pertaining to the hydroelectric generating capacity of owner’s property located in Smithfield Canyon, Utah.  The property contains approximately 30 to 40 feet of elevation difference from the East to West property boundaries and Summit Creek meanders from across the site.  The feasibility study revealed that there was not adequate elevation fall or flow in Summit Creek for a traditional hydro electric facility so a micro hydroelectric facility was proposed.

Civil Solutions Group completed all the design and coordination of the micro hydroelectric facility.  The facility requires only 10 vertical feet of elevation difference and 4,000 gallons per minute of water.  The construction plans were completed in fall of 2009 and the process of acquiring all the necessary permits begun.  As the owner’s representative Civil Solutions Group obtained all the necessary permits from the Division of Water Rights(8.9 cfs non-consumptive water right), Division of Natural Resources (stream alteration permit), Cache County (zoning variance and building permit), and a net metering agreement with Rocky Mountain Power.

In early 2010 Civil Solutions Group was retained by the owner to manage the contract administration and construction administration for the construction of the 4KW facility.  Competitive bids were solicited and an

electrical contractor and excavating contractor were selected in March 2010.  The project is currently under construction.

Boulder Ridge Wetland Delineation – Delineation and Report Submittal
River Heights, Utah |2009

Civil Solutions Group was commissioned by a local developer to complete a wetland delineation and report for the Army Corps of Engineers.  The developer was currently in the entitlement process of the 15 lot proposed Boulder Ridge residential subdivision.  The southwest corner of the project contained a section of Spring Creek.  Spring Creek is considered a jurisdictional water body by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The developer needed to determine the location of the possible wetland boundaries surrounding Spring Creek prior to receiving further approvals for the subdivision.

In coordination with the owner and the Army Corps of Engineers, Civil Solutions Group completed the wetland delineation per the Army Corps of Engineers methodology.  Fieldwork was completed to determine the vegetation, hydrology, and soil characteristics of the site.  After further analysis it was determined that wetlands existed on the site and the wetlands were delineated as such.  The Army Corps of Engineers accepted the proposed delineation and accompanying report.  The delineation allowed the developer to reconfigure the layout of the subdivision to protect and maintain the delineated wetlands.  The reconfiguration of the layout along with the wetland delineation completed by Civil Solutions Group allowed the developer to receive all necessary approvals for Boulder Ridge.


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