Civil Solutions Group civil engineering firm

Andrew Gerbus, Project Manager

I have been obsessed with the construction industry and everything about it since a kid. Whether it was job sites with endless piles of dirt to ride my bike on or driving articulated dump trucks as a six-year-old with my dad, I always knew I wanted to be in construction. After moving to Salt Lake City from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduating from the University of Utah, I have grown to love the fast pace and variety of the engineering world. Engineering is more than just designing a site, but the overall process. I love seeing our projects progress from just an idea to a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Throughout his time at Civil Solutions Group, Andrew has completed a wide variety of projects as an engineer and project manager. Andrew brings energy, excitement, and an open mind to everything he does as he continues to grow as an engineer. Andrew has found one of his strongest qualities is understanding the clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Andrew has been a valued team member in helping Civil Solutions Group grow throughout the Wasatch Front by assisting with business development and managing their geotechnical division.

Things I like to do outside of this “place”!

  • Skiing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Craft Beer Enthusiast
  • Backpacking & Camping