Civil Solutions Group civil engineering firm

Addison Ochsenbein, Civil Engineer in Training

Addison is an Engineer in Training who enjoys being able to work on projects that provide communities with amenities, businesses, and housing. Addison graduated from Utah State University in 2018, and he has worked as an engineer in training in Utah and Arizona. During his time with Civil Solutions Group, Addison has worked on a variety of projects (commercial, institutional, multi-family, single-family, etc.).

Addison currently works on designing commercial, institutional, and multi-family projects. These types of projects have allowed Addison to be involved in projects all over Utah. He enjoys being able to work as part of a team that is committed to providing quality designs and fostering growth and learning in the civil engineering field.

When Addison is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, being able to visit family in Idaho, spending time in the outdoors fishing and hunting, and going skiing or snowmobiling.