Dayton D. Law, Chief Executive Officer

I love my life!  I have been very fortunate to live in such a wonderful part of the world surrounded by so many incredible people. All I must do is open my eyes and look around every single day and I am constantly amazed by all the wonderful work that is being done in this place we call home.

I am happy I became an engineer and I believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world!  However, even more exciting to me than being an engineer is the opportunity to be in business with great clients, teammates, and partners.  It is the opportunity to work with motivated people on challenging projects that keeps my excitement for my work at high levels.

I have found success and excitement in my career by offering my clients an exceptional design experience while providing unparalleled responsiveness to their needs and concerns.  The positive feedback my clients provide fuels my fire to continuously learn and improve.

As one of two partners in the firm, Dayton is particularly focused on growing the firm’s footprint along the Wasatch Front.  Dayton has been successful in this endeavor and has led the Wasatch Front team of Civil Solutions Group to major successes.  The spirit of entrepreneurship runs deeply within Dayton and his desire to re-energize the way a somewhat stale industry conducts business will have lasting influences on Civil Solutions Group.

Things I like to do outside of this “place”!

  • Dirt biking
  • Eat good food
  • BBQ on my smoker
  • Four wheeling
  • Remodel my house
Civil Solutions Group civil engineering firm
Civil Solutions Group civil engineering firm

Danny Macfarlane, Chief Operation Officer

I started Civil Solutions Group at a time in the world where everything was falling apart.  It was February 2009.  As banks were going bankrupt and being rescued I embarked on a journey that has been amazing.  I love the civil engineering and planning industry.  Our design is setting the ground work for communities, roadways, utilities, recreation areas and many other built environments for centuries to come.  I once had a friend in the title industry tell me that he was envious of my job because the things we design endure and last for centuries.  This comes with a responsibility as a steward of our resources.  I feel the weight of this responsibility every time we start a new project.

I also am very passionate about business.  I have grown to love the business aspect of what I do each day.  From the humble beginnings as a one man shop we have grown to three offices with close to 20 employees.  There have been times when this is daunting, overwhelming, difficult and downright frustrating.  But the reward comes as I see our brand spread across the Intermountain West.  I am a competitive person at heart, which begin when I played any sport I could as a child and high schooler.  I now take my competitive spirit and apply it to business.  I know we will continue to grow into new areas and new markets….because that is who I am.

As an engineer I have been fortunate to work on some amazing projects through the years.  The most rewarding and the most gut-wrenching project I have worked on was the Utah State University Maverik stadium project.  CSG was tasked to complete the civil design for the stadium on a 50 foot plus tall pile of dirt that was bounded by the existing football field to the east and the parking lot to the west.  During the design and construction, the project tested our nerves and patience.  Ultimately the end product is something that I will forever be proud of.

Things I like to do outside of this “place”!

  • Mountain Biking
  • Snow Biking
  • Wrestling with my kids
  • Camping
  • Skiing
  • Supporting my kids in their activities