Residential Landscape Architecture

  • Stone Garden 8

    Stone Garden

    This residential landscape addition and remodel focused on developing a high quality garden that matched the residential architecture, landscape and site. The owner wanted a garden that was low maintenance and very attractive. The garden boxes were filled with a specific organic soil blend and …

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  • Hillside Home Remodel 4

    Hillside Home Remodel

    This remodel design took place over two years and included multiple phases. The design included site design and placement of the home addition, garden design, wall design, patio design, planting design, perennial design and plant placement. The design focus was to keep all quality plants, …

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  • Sugarhouse 1

    Sugar House Remodel

    Small spaces and lots provide great opportunities for design. This small residential landscape was carefully designed to meet the needs and desires of the home owners. The design process included multiple revisions to reach the perfect design. The two major emphases were the home front …

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  • Goates Color

    Sweet Backyard Living

    This design was all about maximizing the backyard. The backyard was designed to be fun and safe for kids. The design included a fire pit patio, children’s play equipment, in-ground trampoline, retaining wall, storage area and play area. The design required careful attention to spaces …

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  • Country Living 1

    Country Living

    This large estate has it all. Great views are maximized and unwanted views are hidden. The backyard features a large patio, garden and play areas. Services provided: Driveway layout Landscape design Planting design Garden design Details  

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